Valencia George

Valencia George has a passionate history of hard work with an emphasis on continuing education, and it shows in
the career and education path she has chosen for herself. Growing up in the US Virgin Islands, her experiences led
to some remarkably diverse careers.
Her journey started right out of high school in the construction industry as a Construction Project manager where
she gained qualifications in safety compliance, time management, vendor management, materials management and
job estimation. Other skills included quality control, team building, building codes, blueprints, construction
planning, scheduling, and budgeting. This skillset has led to opportunities working on projects for the Virgin Islands
Housing Authority and other commercial contracts between St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John.
In addition to working in the construction industry, she has worked for Dept. of Labor as an Unemployment
Insurance Specialist for 5 years. In this role she was involved in the review, examination, adjudication and
investigation of claims for unemployment insurance benefits, the continuation of benefit, the resolution of contested
claims and benefit disputes, and the determination of coverage.
Concurrently, while working for Dept of Labor she pursued her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Her personal
experiences with abuse were her inspiration for the pursuit of this degree, as she wanted to fight for those that cannot
fight for themselves in order to give victims their voice and power back. After completion of said degree she
acquired her dream job at The Virgin Islands Police Department as a forensic science technician. This role included
assisting FBI, police, and criminal investigation detectives in collecting, processing, and analyzing evidence from a
criminal investigation. As this is such an important job, she had to exercise extreme caution to ensure the integrity of
the evidence and the methods of collection. The accuracy helped to ensure that evidence is not thrown out by a judge
because of improper collection or preservation work. It is crucial since they use this information to help tell the story
of what transpired at the crime scene in order to build their cases against alleged perpetrators.
Moreover, higher learning and building wealth are also particularly important to Ms. George. She returned to school
and graduated with her Diploma in Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Nail tech. For the past six years she has owned
and operated her own salon and created a hair care product line.
In the same spirit of creating generational wealth, she again continued her education. She is now a Supreme Court
certified mediator and arbitrator which serves her well as a founding partner with the George & George ADR Group.
As an alternative dispute resolution (ADR ) boutique firm, their primary focus is on the beauty and cosmetic
industry. This includes hair salons, day spas, barbershops, and suite renters through arbitration, mediation, and
Ms. George is a very family-oriented woman and currently resides in Orlando Florida with her family. In her spare
time she shares her personal and professional experiences via community groups designed to inspire and motivate
women of all ages.

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