Diversity & Inclusion at George & George ADR Group

We are passionate about diversity at George & George ADR Group! Seriously, when we speak about passion as a core value, we talk about how George & George ADR Group’s diverse and inclusive work environment ignites our passion. We are passionate about sharing ideas, passionate about discovering diverse perspectives and new cultures, passionate about developing beyond our limited view of the world or of our own abilities.

We create an environment where you can bring your true unique self to work every day. Because we know when each one of us gives our whole selves, we all receive more. We boost our performance with better decision making and cutting-edge innovation. We are better at listening to and connecting with our diverse customer base.

In order to continuously move the needle on diversity and inclusion, we provide leaders and employees the chance to master inclusive skills. We work to combat unconscious bias impacts and we implement strategies to increase our diversity, to truly reflect the diverse world we operate in.

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