Joseph George is an intelligent and astute businessman with an innovative and motivational mindset. His passion for
helping people shows in his body of work. He is an independent, full-time Supreme Court-appointed mediator and
arbitrator. As an arbitrator, his role is to ensure the parties get a fair and effectively managed proceeding. His talents
as a mediator, helps to guide the parties to a mutually satisfactory dispute settlement. The combination of his past
industry experience in contract negotiations and his skills in crisis management makes him an ideal mediator or
arbitrator for matters involving construction or employment, as well as complex business disputes. Both roles are
crucial components in his position as a founding partner with the George & George ADR Group. As
an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) boutique firm, their primary focus is on the beauty and cosmetic industry.
This includes hair salons, day spas, barbershops, and suite renters through arbitration, mediation, and negotiation.
Moreover, Mr. George has worked on cases involving commercial and business disputes, breach of contract and
negligence, construction disputes, landlord and tenant dispute employment discrimination claims, beauty product
defects disputes, and most beauty industry disputes. He became a subject matter expert in his areas of work through
hands-on training combined with licensing and certification. He has acquired certifications in the important areas of
ADA coordinator, legal assistant, human resource, conflict management, risk management, beauty professional, and
construction project manager.
Growing up in the US Virgin Islands, Mr. George was introduced into various areas of the construction business at
an early age. As a young boy and into his teens, he spent a lot of time building homes with his father who was also a
construction worker. He also worked as chief engineer for hotels which was a great segway for him to serve in
multiple roles in the multi-family housing industry. This further solidified his expertise in the areas of arbitration
and mediation and allowed him to effectively handle construction and landlord disputes.
The plethora of business knowledge Mr. George has acquired has afforded him opportunities to effectively apply his
skills as a strong negotiator, compassionate leader and team collaborator to produce the results needed when called
upon. As a result, he has been involved in negotiating many complex financial transactions related to starting new
businesses, growing existing businesses, and resolving other diverse business-related disputes.
In previous years, Mr. George has successfully worked on claims for wrongful termination, sexual harassment,
breach of contract, ADA, wage and hour violations and discrimination. Additionally, he has negotiated settlements
on behalf of employers and employees in many cases, thus avoiding trial costs for the clients.
Prior to becoming a full-time mediator and arbitrator with George & George ADR, he was nationally recognized as
a Spa and Salon Consultant specialist and expert in the salon and spa industry. His extensive knowledge and
experience in the business has given him insight to the beauty industry. As a consultant, he specializes in teaching
and equipping salon and spa owners with the necessary abilities and strategies to take their business to the next level.
Apart from the business world Mr. George has a meticulous work-life balance, as he is a devout family man. He
currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his family and is very hands on with his autistic child. He works
closely with an individualized education program (IEP) which helps him to address any therapy for speech,
behavior, or sensory concerns his child may have. He is also a promoter of community service and is an avid
supporter of community groups designed to inspire and motivate women of all ages.

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